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Sakura Adachi (安達 桜 Adachi Sakura) is a high school student. She is found skipping class on the second floor of the gym by Shimamura Hougetsu one day. The two of them gradually became friends and began to spend a lot of time together.


Adachi has collarbone length hair that is light brown in the light novel and a greyish color in the manga. She has light grey/blueish eyes in the manga. Adachi is taller than Shimamura.


Adachi had an extremely introverted personality. Before meeting Shimamura, she never had someone whom she can call a friend. Adachi was said to be cold toward other people and didn't attempt to make friends with other people in the past.

She is also a generally, very jealous person towards Shimamura when she is together with her friends and as a consequence usually ends up running away.


Episode 1[]

The episode started with Adachi and Shimamura playing ping-pong in the school gymnasium. They stopped when the students come in.

It then goes to Adachi having a flash back of when they first met. Adachi and Shimamura first meet in the school gymnasium. Shimamura was the first one to be up there. They quickly got along.

Later, while Shimamura was walking with her friends, they saw each other. Her friends were wondering who she was. Shimamura told them her name.

The day afterwards they talked about how they saw each other and how she (Shimamura) was with her friends. After finishing their conversation and Adachi saying she was going home, Shimamura asked, “Say Adachi. “Let’s go to class today,” or “Let’s walk home together today.”Which would you prefer?”

Adachi answered, ”In that case.. I’ll just go kill some time somewhere until school’s over... I guess.”


  • Adachi is left-handed.
  • Adachi is a Libra.
  • It’s heavily implied or stated that Adachi may be a lesbian and has feelings for Shimamura, as she often gets jealous over her and is considered to be protective towards her. This was later confirmed when she and Shimamura started dating.